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Why Juice?

Juicing allows you to consume an optimal amount of nutrition in an efficient manner. The fibrous material in fruits and vegetables take a great deal of energy to digest, making it difficult for the body to absorb much-needed nutrients. Juicing keeps the digestive system running smoothly and adds a wider variety of vegetables in your diet.

At Yoganics, we believe that fresh-pressed juice and whole food smoothies are an essential part of leading a happy, healthy life. When you drink fresh-pressed juice, vitamins are more efficiently absorbed, which is important to promote healing in the body. The less energy we use to digest, the more energy we leave for the immune system to do its job. To increase the absorption of essential nutrients, drink juice on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes before eating a well-balanced meal.

Powering your day with fresh-pressed juice boosts energy while maximizing the nutrients your body absorbs. When hunger strikes, grabbing a whole food smoothie (instead of hitting the drive-through) is a convenient way to have one of the most delicious, wholesome meals on the planet.

What in the World is Trituration?

Not only is triturate fun to say, it’s a key process in producing the world’s highest quality juice. Trituration means grinding fruits and vegetables to a pulp. That pulp is then placed in a press that extracts the juice while leaving behind any fibrous material.

At Yoganics, we use the Norwalk Press, named after author, inventor and juice pioneer, Dr. Norman Walker. This cutting-edge method creates juice that is not only smooth and delicious, but rich in essential nutrients and enzymes, delivering the best of both worlds.

In a laboratory comparative test between a leading centrifugal juicer (machine A), a juicer, grater and homogenizer (machine B) and the Norwalk hydraulic press juicer (machine N), uniform 5-pound samples of carrots, parsley and celery were run through each of the machines with the following results:

Carrots Parsley Celery
Juice Extracted - ozs. 40.5 40.5 57.0 8.80 8.80 27.0 50.7 59.7 68.1
Mineral Content - mgs.
Calcium 501 1458 2708 460 500 1605 345 505 675
Magnesium as MgO Tr 5.7 22.8 75 85 265 170 305 385
Phosphorous as P2O 2 20.3 70.9 285 110 115 445 200 305 480
Iron as FeO 10.5 10.1 37.6 5 10 45 Tr 5 5
Potassium as K2O 8.1 16.2 31.9 1245 1745 5415 3550 5070 6465
Sodium 100 110 365 1635 1995 2315

Why Whole-Food Smoothies?

Unlike juice, smoothies are whole foods. The fiber is not separated from the juice.

Smoothies are an excellent (and delicious!) way to add fiber to your diet, keeping your digestive system in tip-top shape. Fiber also leaves you full longer, contributing to a happy, healthy weight.